Adventures in Ministry

by Michael McAfee
CRBC Assistant Teaching Pastor

There is a sweetness to following Jesus that no pleasure on earth can duplicate. You know the feeling when you, led by the Holy Spirit, do something radical or something out of the ordinary?

I remember hearing a man describe how he listens to the Holy Spirit. One time he was led to go knock on a stranger’s door late at night. He didn’t know why. The person inside was holding a gun about to take his own life! Inspired, I picked up a hitch hiker at I-40 and Council Road. He said he was needing to go to OSU. No problem! OSU-OKC is not far from here. He meant STILLWATER. Forty-five minutes later I dropped my new friend off on campus. Although he didn’t pray to receive Christ that day, I did get to pray for him. It is a wild adventure following Jesus.

There is nothing the enemy would like more than to see us miss out on the radical risks of ordinary obedience to Jesus. He will highlight the risks of our own comforts and conveniences. Yet he will lie to us about the joy that comes from following Jesus. This is why walking in community with one another is so important. We can remind one another of the sweetness of following Jesus, even when it’s difficult. Even when it costs us something.

What is God calling you to trust him with today? Is there someone in your life you are feeling drawn to love and share the Gospel with during the Easter season? Perhaps a family member you could bring with you to church?

Have you been prompted by God to be more generous with your giving? Maybe during this season as we catch up as a church, he would lead you to increase your regular giving, but it is difficult knowing your budget is already tight.

Whatever it is, there is a relief in surrendering to follow God even when it costs us something. If you are like me, you don’t look back and regret the times you didn’t risk something to follow Jesus and you don’t regret the risks you took. I only look back with regret the times I did NOT step out in faith.

What’s more, I look back with fondness on those times I did something radical. Even when it is as odd as driving a hitch hiker to Stillwater. There was no payoff of a conversion story that day, and I’ve never seen or heard from him again. But I followed the leading of the Holy Spirit that day (or at least I think I did). It’s not always easy, but it is always worth it.

Michael McAfee