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It is extremely important to understand the money we have belongs to God not us. It is given to us by God to manage. As Christians, we should be responsible with our money by: 

Worshipping God through giving (Lev 27:30), meeting our needs (Phil 4:19), meet the needs of others (Acts 2:45), and have some fun (1 Tim 6:17). As you can see, two of these four areas involve giving: when we worship God and in meeting the needs of others. Through the tithe, we do both of these.

Christians should give faithfully to their local church. God builds His kingdom through the church and he asks that all believers share in this joyous responsibility. Don't give out of guilt, but rather be generous, and give because you love God, you love other people, and you believe God will keep His promises.


How can I give at Council Road?

  • By clicking button below to give online.

  • By check or cash dropped in the offering bucket during service or dropped by the Administrative offices.

  • By mailing your check to the church office at 2900 N. Council Road, Bethany, OK 73008

  • By texting your amount to 405-652-0607.

  • Donation of non-cash gifts - for information email Jason Arnold